Medicine which cure,Europe and America are loosing the war against Cancer despite early detection, excellent scanning equipment & best of surgical treatment. Rates of cancer have increased 18% since 1991 and the mortality grown by 7%. The mortality statistics of Heart Attacks are stubbornly refusing to fall despite thousands of prescriptions of anti – cholesterol drugs & best of high cholesterol food being avoided. In fact, Heart attack rates in the west (and now in east also) are increasing alarmingly

Despite super specialization and computer medicine, diseases like Asthma, Arthritis, Diabetes, Rheumatism, Cancer and Autoimmune diseases are thriving & modern medicine has not affected their incidence by even one percent.

With the hundreds of drugs in the market, mothers still go to the kitchen and prepare specific food for the sick. Why do they go through all the trouble when a 'Pill' is recommended by the allopathic should do" The answer is that these home remedies work without the danger of poisoning the system. And that is where the popularity of Micro Cell Pathy healing comes in. Micro Cell Pathy treats the whole individual without any side effects, without any incision, with a complex dose.

Today, while some of these factors still contribute to disease in developing nations, some other factors are newly coming up. Now these can be the toxic load acquired by over eating, drinking, pollution as well as fatty diets or living off junk foods, lack of exercise or even sudden hard exercise, aluminium lead, chromium, mercury traces and other additions (such as pesticides) to the water supply in poor countries allopathic & pleasure drugs and all the hundreds of chemical put on the land as well as the hormone growth promoters and antibiotics supplied to farms & cattles, prolonged use of Television & Computers, the pace of modern life & consequent stress.
Micro Cell Pathy is the only solution to maintain health using Micro Cell Pathy remedies without any side effects.