Micro Cell Pathy Research & Development Foundation means unit of true Micro Cell Pathy followers/ practitioners, founded in 2017 officially get reg. in 2" July 2020 Micro Cell Pathy Research & Development Foundation is a private incorporated on 2" July 2020 . It is classified as Non Govt. Company and is registered under Registrar of Companies Kanpur. Its authorized share capital is Rs. 100000 and its paid up capital is Rs. 1,00,000. It involves in social work activities & Research in new Medical Science Micro Cell Pathy system of medicine . We have came long way from the days when society require a Natural medical system. Since 1995 our founder Dr. P.K.Das Inventor of Micro Cell Pathy system of medicine in 2017 .
After a long research & Struggle, Now this medical science became very popular in the field of Alternative system of medicine. Its practitioners not only in India. But also in world. Our Micro Cell Pathy qualified practitioners treated so many chronic illness like tumor, Diabetes skin disease, cancer, Necrosis, gangrene, migraine, herpes (all types) STD disease arthritis, male and female infertility etc. also we are going to Establish an international Micro Cell Pathy research center and hospital at Khordha Dist. Odisha under the banner of Micro Cell Pathy research .& development foundation we submitted our proposal at Department of Health Research, New Delhi. Department of health & family welfare, Govt. of India on aforesaid matter. We are doing charity and health awareness programmes on Micro Cell Pathy system of medicines, every corner in India, all Micro Cell Pathy practitioners are very cooperative in charity & health awareness programme and they have curiosity to learn new things and skill to develop new ideas on natural health science Programme. Under the banner of micro cell pathy research and development foundation . we all came and join hands together to develop & Research in Micro Cell Pathy and do betterment of society.

About Founder Of Microcellpathy

System of Medicine

It is a great pleasure to introduce our esteemed Dr. P.K. Das . He is a highly respected Research Scientist, researcher physical trainer and instructor in tai -chi - with World Yong nian tai-chi federation and practicing physician in alternative medicine and naturopathy with his team. Further , Dr. P.K. Das is one of the Early pioneer in integrating today’s popular mind-body- sprit medicine and expert in rapidly changing cultures who understands the importance of sustaining connections and health awareness. His unique insights, visionary skills inspire him to invent a new research in the medical field which he name as “Micro cell Pathy” .In this he has spent his entire life span and at last he succeeded to give this gift to the society for the betterment of human kind.

The Micro Cell Pathy work at the cellular and molecular level in the tissues of the human body. This is totally based on herbs and plant system of the nature which has no side effects at all.

He is presently working for public at large as charity and organizing various health camps all over the country, under the banner of Micro Cell Pathy research and development foundation.

To make Human health better & disease free living society, where all Micro Cell Pathy practitioners have access to health , prestige and irrespective of their status, to uphold.
This organization initiative for promotion development and research of new medical science Micro Cell Pathy this organization is doing exceptional work for our society researching new medicines, educating peoples to aware them and _ providing training to explore the benefit and power of Micro Cell Pathy system of medicine the main object are provide platforms for Micro Cell Pathy practitioners to interact on issue of public health improvement.