(Certificate in Micro Cell Pathy)

DURATION : 6 Months Programmes


The Micro Cell Pathy Research & Development Foundation, Noida, India, has started a 6 Months Course on Micro Cell Pathy Certificate Programme for the students to work as an Assistant in Micro Cell Pathy Hospitals / Doctor’s / Dispensaries / Pharmacies & Micro Cell Pathy Charity Centres.


Any person passed 10th standard or equivalent examination can take admission in this course .

Session :-

This course will commence from July every year and exam will be conducted annually in the month of April / May.

Subject of Course :-

The course consist in the following subjects:

1) Philosophy of Micro Cell Pathy

2) Basic Human Anatomy

3) Basic Human Physiology

4) Materia Medica of Micro Cell Pathy

5) Physical & Health Education

6) Law of Nature Cure


3 Months Intership

at a Micro Cell Pathy

Dispensaries & Hospitals