(Brilliant / Bachelor in Micro Cell Pathy)

DURATION : 5 Years & 6 Months Programme


The Micro Cell Pathy Research & Development Foundation, Noida, India, has started a 5Year & 6 Months Course on Micro Cell Pathy Brilliant / Bachelor Certificate Programme for the students to work as an Micro Cell Pathy Practitioner at Dispensaries / Hospitals & Micro Cell Pathy Charity Centres.


Any person passed 12th standard (PCB) or equivalent examination can take admission in this course .

Session :-

This course will commence from July every year and exam will be conducted annually in the month of April / May.

Subject of Course :-

The course consist in the following subjects:

B.M.C.P Syllabus 1st Year

1)Human anatomy-1

2) Human Physiology-1

3) BIochemistry

4) Human anatomy-2

5) Human Physiology-2

6) Philosophy of Micro Cell Pathy

7) Physical & health Education

8) Food & Hygine

B.M.C.P Syllabus 2nd Year

1) Pathology I & II

2) Microbiology

3) Diagnostic Method in Micro Cell Pathy

4) Diagnostic Method in Modern Science

5) Pharmacy of Micro Cell Pathy

6)Materia Medica of Micro Cell Pathy

B.M.C.P Syllabus 3rd Year

1)Obstetric & gynecology

2) ENT

3) Practice of Medicine

4) Infant Care in Micro Cell Pathy

5)Art of case Taking

B.M.C.P Syllabus 4th Year

1)Principle of micro cell pathy

2) Human tendencies

3) Law of Nature

4) Diet & Exercise for sick

B.M.C.P Syllabus 5th Year

1)B.M.C.P Syllabus 5th Year

2) Toxicology

3) Psychology & basic Psychiatry

4) Medical ethics

5)Minor Surgery & First Aid


12 Months Intership

at a Micro Cell Pathy

Dispensaries & Hospitals